• Sails and rigging

    Supply of swingrigs and conventional rigs


    -Assistance with outfitting

    -Rigging of RC yacht

    -Adivice on sailing, trim and tactics





  • Used boats

    Used Marbleheads


    Are you looking for a used Marblehead? Are you offering a used Marblehead?


    Coming up Wafer from Bantock and Starkers from Dave Creed


    1 Wafer


    2 Starkers

  • M-class Starkers 2017 Racing

    M-class Starkers 2017 Racing model,

    Design and moulded by David Creed


    · Hull, lam. 160 gr. carbon/160 gr. carbon-aramid, weight +/- 450 grams

    · Hull is painted with a two component epoxy coating in almost any colour you want
    · Moulded deck with rounded deck edge, with pot recess and radio tray
    · Fin/mast box, rudder tube, ball bearing swing rig tube fitted with adjustable mastram

    for swingrig and conventional rig
    · Latest deveolpment carbon fin and carbon rudder

    · Long lead fitted and painted (bulb) 


    · Price: € poa


    · Excluding: Packing and delivery charge, fittings etc.


    ! Above mentioned prices are subject to exchange rates!








    Winch and servo tray front and aft

  • RC racing, kit ready for racing

    7 december Tom K 015RC yachts ‘ready to sail’ kit,
    All models, IOM, M and 10R


    · Complete ready to race hull of your choice
    · Winche and rudder servo built in
    · All fittings to finish your racing yacht (includes dynema, blocks, sheet leads, Dacron deck patches, etc.
    · All rigs from your favorite supplier of sails

    . Rigging of rigs with high modulus carbon mast or IOM T9 aluminium tubes of your choice
    · Sail registration numbers, state which nationality

    ·  All outfitted on your boat and ready to sail ,

    ·  RC installation not included


    · Prices: €  on request


    · Excluding: packing and delivery charge , RC equipment, batteries, etc.


    Please ask Chris for more info

  • Parts, fittings and accesories

    Astra built with abachi wood 2004

    Astra built with abachi wood 2004

    To complete your racing yacht ChrisSails can supply

    all materials and fittings needed to finish your IOM, Marblehead, 10R and RG65


    We supply all materials from: Sailsetc, Dave Creed, HB Sails, RMG and others


    • High modulus Carbon masts and booms Sailsetc
    • IOM T9 aluminium mast and booms
    • All mast and boom fittings for swing- and conventional rigs
    • All types of blocks
    • Winches and servos and other electronics, RMG and PdA winches
    • Dacron deck patches
    • Dynema
    • Ballasts
    • Carbon rudders and fins

      Cumulus en Astra 2002

      My built Cumulus en Astra 2002

    • Other spare parts
    • Etc.


     IOM and Marblehead parts:

    • Deck parts on request
    • Fin-mast box from
    • Carbon fin van from
    • Ballast 3,2 – 3.6 kg
    • Rudder 4mm ss stock


    Prices Creed parts:




























    Dimensions and weights fins and rudders:


    IOM fin:

    • Top of fin 88mm, bottom tapering to 67mm
    • Thickness +/- 6,3mm tapering at the bottom
    • Weight about 100 grams as seen, 90 to 95gram when trimmed to usual IOM fin box
    • Length fin +/- 44 cm

    IAAC (Italy)

    • Length fin +/- 49 cm  (special order)


    IOM rudder:

    • Thickness +/- 5,5mm
    • Weight +/- 30 grams incl 4mm stock


    Marblehead fin:

    • Width at top 95mm tapering to 70mm at bulb.
    • Thicknes chord 6,6mm
    • Thicknes at bottom fin 5,5 mm
    • Sharp trailing edge
    • Very stiff, high torsion stifness
    • Weight +/- 200grams
    • Max depth, 67cm

    Marblehead rudder:

    • Thicknes +/- 5,5mm
    • Weight +/- 50 grams incl 4mm stock
    • Length is +/- 23cm


    Picture: IOM fin and rudder







  • IOM