28-10-2017 UPDATE


Chrissails for IOM, Marblehead and 10R boats and fittings.



Please look at our products site for all info


IOM masts now in stock, T9 stifness in the colors blue, red, black and silver.


! Do you want your boat completed with rigs ready to sail, just ask me and we make you an offer.


We can supply numoreus parts and fittings to finish your RC racing yacht:

  • RMG Winches
  • Housemartin Sails
  • David Creed for IOM, M and 10R boats
  • David Creed fins and rudders and other hull parts
  • Sailsetc’s sails and fitting
  • HB Sails Germany


Used boats page:

See our updated used boats page when you are looking for one  or you want yours to be sold.



Wishing you good sailing,


Chris Vaes

on FB: https://www.facebook.com/chrissailsRC/