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ChrisSails was erected to make radiosailing more accesable for new sailors by offering products for fair prices

as well as giving advice for making your best choice.

The goal is to get as many sailors to the waterfront as possible to compete with RC racingyachts.



IOM Malteser by MX Components, design by Darren Abdilla and Mark Dicks

Please look at our products site for all info


! Do you want it completed with rigs ready to sail, just ask me and we make you an offer.


Dealers ships;

MX Components Chrissails is dealer for MX Components for the Benelux and Germany

Ultra Light Radioyachting for very stif fins and rudders.
RMG Winches

Housemartin Sails

David Creed for Lintel IOM MMX and M Starkers and fins and rudders

Sailsetc’s Quark plus a numoreus amount of fittings and parts to built your RC boat

HB Sails Germany


Used Marblehead:

Just installed the Used Marbleheads page when you have one to offer or you want yours to be sold.



Wishing you good sailing,


Chris Vaes


All prices mentioned are valid until December 31st 2016 and can be changed.

Only specific quotations are valid.