Used boats

Used Marbleheads


Are you looking for a used Marblehead? Are you offering a used Marblehead?


Now available NEW WAVE Marblehead, € 1.975,-


2nd place at the DutchOpen Marblehead 2017

1st place Belgium championship


-New Wave carbon hull, 200+160gram

-Weight of the hull approx 450 grams
-Layup; 200+160gr carbon with grey painted hull
-incl. David Thomas fin and rudder and 3.3 kg ballast
-Incl. A swingrig lightair HB Sails
-Incl. winch from RMG 290

-Incl. Hitec rudder servo

  • Excl transport.
  • OPTIONAL B and C rig from Brad Gibson at € 250,- each

















Now available Starkers cubed 2001, complete refurbish!  € 1.100,-

  • Orange hull – Boat has many sailing hours by only two former owners.
  •  5 rigs: A an B swing, C1-2-3 conventional.
  • Graupner Regatta winch , rudder servo; PDA winch optional
  • Next owner can drive it hard like Martin Roberts did with same type in 2017 UK National, 2nd place.
    Optional: new PdA winch

Can be transported over the globe.

Send me a PB for more info.